Tuesday, July 27, 2010

22 Quarts of Sweet Corn

Today we put up sweet corn.

Today we also introduced Aiden to shucking sweet corn.
He found it to be a little labor intensive for his tastes.  You do know you can buy this stuff in a ready to steam bag, right?

And the goats got a hold of a couple of the ears he was supposedly shucking.
Then there was a distraction - this is an entirely different story of how we became Free-Range Goat Farmers....
And when goats are loose it is Aiden's responsibility to corral them and get them back in the pens.
(or just chase them willy-nilly until daddy puts them back in the pens....)
Did I mention that when shucking sweet corn - pants are optional?
I'm not wearing pants?

And boy do those goats get around!  Before ya know it they are moving into your camper!
Meanwhile, back at the homestead, the shuckers are still dutifully shucking.
Sarah is an old hand at this sweet corn business - she does not distract easily.
She even shows Aiden that he is to only feed the husk portion to the goats - not the entire ear.

Random comment - did I mention what great forearms the Farmer has??
Everyone loves sweet corn time, and everyone shows up for a snack. (until Aiden chases them away...)
He did finally come back for another go at it, and he did pretty well.
He does not have his Daddy's forearms yet, but if he keeps up the hard work he will be well on his way.
In the meantime, he will still be my sweet, hard working, slightly ADD, little boy.