Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kick Boxing

Here Sarah demonstrates some very creative kick boxing moves. Watch out Wonder Woman - here comes Super Sarah! I think she needs a cape...Grandma, ya wanna get on that?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lesson Learned

My daughter thinks she is beautiful. No, that is not true… My daughter knows she is beautiful. It has occurred to me that I can learn a lot from her, if I just listen hard enough. At what age do we become so self conscious that we doubt our own beauty? Sarah cannot pass by a mirror without stopping to gaze lovingly at the reflection she sees. She tosses her hair and smiles sweetly, declaring to anyone listening (even if it is only a teddy bear) that she is gorgeous! I want that confidence.
It seems that in today’s society, we must be self doubting, otherwise we are considered arrogant. We second guess anyone that pays us a compliment; for fear that they might think we are narcissistic if we agree with them. But is it not true that we are all beautiful in some way? I don’t think God would have put someone on the earth that did not have at least one redeeming quality. Today I will learn from my daughter that I am beautiful. (Of course this will have to wait until after I shower.)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Farmer Sighting

Look - there goes the Farmer! Boy, is he fast!

Will This Ever Stop?

I can stick out my tongue while swinging...
I can stick out my tongue while smiling...
I can stick out my tongue while laying in my bed...

One Tired Kid

And this what happends when you have a full day at school. (For those of you who do not know Sarah as well as some of us - she NEVER naps)

Monday, August 25, 2008

School Days

Sarah arrives home on the afternoon bus safe and sound (despite her mother's bus-phobias)
Here Sarah is explaining her first day - in detail!

Today was Sarah’s first official day of Junior Kindergarten! She was so excited she could not contain herself this morning. I am not sure if she was more excited to go to school or ride the bus for the first time. (OK, so I am a little overprotective when it comes to the school bus and we waited until this year to tell her she could even ride the bus.) We were up at the crack of dawn and dressed before 7:00 AM. The bus was to pick her up at the house at 7:30, so she hopped right to her chores. The bunny was fed and watered and the pony was thrown some hay and she was ready to go…only one problem…
We had Sarah at the ready by the front door on full bus alert. We were all waiting to hear that familiar sound as it came cruising down the road. Only this morning, I do honestly believe the bus passed our house at about mach 10. Sarah and I both stood there dumbfounded.
“Wait!” was all I could utter watching the bus disappear in a haze of gravel dust. OK, now I do believe that every child on the bus route should be ready when the bus arrives, and trust me, we were! But this driver did not even slow down enough to see if we were there or not. Needless to say, within 60 seconds I was on the phone with the bus garage explaining the situation. While on the line, I overheard the conversation between the driver and the dispatcher in which the driver swore she slowed and no one was around. Well, if 55 MPH is slowing, Sarah would have had to get a running start, for sure. Anyway, we are set to try to catch the bus again tomorrow. We just know now that we should stand in the middle of the road to flag it down.
Sarah did have a great day at school though. She has a new BFF, Gina, and got to see many of the kids from her Preschool class at recess. She even made it home safely on the afternoon bus.

Aiden's Latest Tricks

Lately Aiden has been unamused by all out attempts at keeping him entertained - these pictures should prove that. How Rude!

More Tongue - Oh that sounds bad....Oh, well.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to the Fair

Fair Week! There is nothing more exciting, in my book, then Fair Week. I am not sure if it is the food, the animals, or the noises that fill me with such joy when I am there, but I love it all! The local fair opened on Monday and, of course, we have been there both Monday and Tuesday so far this week. (You can bet we will be going again today)
Last night the Farmer and I took Sarah in so she could hit the rides. She is definitely a thrill seeker – the faster, the better! We left the little Farmer at his Nana’s, which did not go overly well. He cried the whole time we were gone. Maybe he is a big fan of the fair too, and did not appreciate being left out? I think he wanted a corn dog…
Anyway, after a few rides we enjoyed some Albers Ice Cream and took a swing through the rabbit barn. Now you should know, Sarah’s rabbit, “Bunny Jack”, passed away last week, and the way I see it, he could not have had better timing. We have told Sarah that she may get a replacement bunny at the fair this week. Not that I am cheap or anything…OK, maybe I am…But the rabbits at the fair sell at the end of the week for basement bargain prices. Instead of spending a small fortune at a pet store, we will be getting off pretty easy here. Not to mention this incentive surely softened the impact of Bunny Jack’s demise.
She spent about a half an hour sizing up which lucky bunny will be going home with us. Now all we have to do is wait until the week’s end to bring him or her home. Wish us luck.

My view

Sarah, Aiden and I go for a walk each evening and thought I would share my view as we saunter down the road. We are truly blessed to have such a beautiful place in the world.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Sarah attended Vacation Bible School (VBS) at St. John’s Lutheran Church here in town. She had a blast to say the least! They taught her all sorts of new songs, games, crafts and science experiments throughout the week. The classes ended with a singing performance and play at the church the following Sunday. Afterward the children all took part in an obstacle course and picnic in the church yard. Most fun of all was the “junk food relay” during which each player must race to a designated point and wolf down as much junk food as they are given and rush back to tag another player to do the same. I was a good sport (unlike the Farmer, shown below with all the othr Dads haging out on the sidelines.) and joined Sarah’s team. Sarah had no problem devouring the bag of M&Ms that she was given, and plenty of people were willing to help her out. Meanwhile, I about got sick shoving marshmallows and chocolate bars into my mouth, and no one even offered to help me. We placed second.

Tak Visits

It is always exciting to have company., but when they come from half way around the world - it is extraordinary! We had the rare chance to visit with one of Tim's (not present above) good friends, Tak over the weekend. He was in the states on business, but was able to get a couple days of leisure time in before he heads back to Australia.
To say that Tak is interesting would defiantly be an understatement. He is a chemist who is currently studying the medicinal effects of Turmeric. I won't go into detail (probably because I couldn't if I tried), but it is phenomenal work. Not to mention he jet-sets across the world to give conferences on his studies, I we all know how I envy a traveler! AND he gets to live in Australia!
By the way, for those of you out there who know our family personally, Yes, those are the boys, and yes, they are just about as tall as Matthew. Where does time go?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Great Big Sister

We knew that Sarah would have a lot of great qualities to share with a sibling, in fact, that is one of the reasons we decided to have a second child, but she has far exceeded all our expectations. She is not only a wonderful help to have around (especially when I sit down to feed her brother and I forget to grab the phone until I hear it ringing three rooms away!), but she is the most generous and thoughtful Big Sissy a boy could have. She has become an excellent pacifier retriever, calming lullaby singer, professional baby rattle shaker and best of all, a super-quiet nap watcher. She is the first one by little Aiden's side should he fuss and even has taken to helping with some pretty messy diapers.
We are truly blessed to have such healthy, happy children. I do not take one day for granted.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Name that Flip Flopped Momma!

I'm Leavin' on a Jet Plane...

On Thursday of last week the Farmer

took a trip to the Pioneer Seed plant. Now, in the past, when different companies have invited us to view the factories, it has always involved a lengthy car ride. Not this time. Pioneer flew the Farmer out in style! He boarded a Lear Jet to fly to Des Moines, IA. (It was only a four hour drive - he could have made it in my opinion.) Of course, he did not take his beloved wife with him on this little voyage. Which was fine with me, I guess. Who wants to hear about seed corn anyway? They could have at least offered to drop me and the kids off in Orlando on the way...

Cutetest Baby Ever!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Why do I have chickens anyway? For the last four months now I have allowed my chickens to "free range" around the farm, which translates into never being able to find the eggs (and when you do, the last thing you want to do is eat them), and watching them destroy any hope I once had of landscaping. This is a photo of my poor begonia (which was having a hard enough time in the first place) being up rooted for the sake of finding some tasty morsel in the soil. Did I mention that this was the only plant that I bought this year too. The whole baby thing threw my yard work out the window...
I would march right out there now and pen those hens up - if they did not scare the begeezes out of me to catch. You see, one is supposed to be able to scoop them up with this handy-dandy hook (which looks more like they are getting evicted from a stage show) and hang them upside down by their feet and carry them off peacefully. When I grab their legs they go into a flurry of feathers and wings causing me to usually drop them and run screaming. The Farmer finds this part particularly funny. And since these feathered demons were my idea, apparently I am responsible for getting them back in the pen. It probably does not help my cause that every time I have whined enough for him to do it, I have sneaked in the barn and released them within the week because they look too sad all "couped" up...


Monday, August 4, 2008


This past weekend was "Homecoming" in the town south of us. We celebrate this day every year at our friend's home by leaving early, drinking heavily and returning home late. Ok - I am not in on the drinking heavily thing, but I did have a half cup of Pina Colada slush - Yummy! It did not help Aiden sleep that day though.
We caught the parade in the morning and juiced the kids up on sugar right off the bat! Here Sarah is showing off her booty. By booty - I mean candy!!
It is good thing someone is keeping her out of the street! Where is Mom anyway? Oh yeah, behind the camera taking pictures, imagine that!
The parade is not worth watching without the candy flying!
This was the coolest folding chair ever! I had to take a picture just because I was jealous as I was baking out in the sun on this 85 degree day.


Do I look like I like this thing!?

My friend, Brianne, thinks this Bumbo thing is all the rage. So I borrowed hers before investing in one myself. We brought it home and plopped Aiden in it and, well, as you can see, the last thing it looks is comfortable! He did not cry or even fuss a bit while seated in this contraption, but all my motherly instincts said "Get that kid outta there!". He spent the whole time (all five minutes I would allow) with his head lolling backwards, grunting to try to right himself. Maybe this is the hottest new exercise for eliminating baby boy boobs (can't really call them Man-boobs yet right?)? (By the way, Man-boob are on the rise - direct quote from the flipfloppingmomma - go organic!)
He did enjoy the great vantage point it gave him of the ceiling fan though...
The Bumbo goes back.


This was our reward for weathering the storm.

Stormy Night

Sometimes we forget how powerful Mother Nature can be. I know I tend to take for granted that storms will just blow by leaving us unscathed. I suppose if I lived further down south, I would be much more respectful, but alas, having never been in a serious storm, I just find them fascinating. I cling to the windows to catch every lightening flash and hear the loud roars of thunder as the storm rolls across the countryside. Our house provides the perfect view for watching the rain sweep through the cornfields, eventually pounding on our roof. I love every minute of it.
Last night, however, we did get hit by the severe thunderstorm the storm tracker had been warning us about. High winds took down large amounts of the tree in our front yard, taking the railing to our front deck with it. (Good thing - I never like that wrought iron!) We also watched as lightening struck our corn crib out back, not once, but twice. Nevertheless, there I was, with a front row seat, sitting in the windows watching it all.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Rainy Day Makes for Happy (Muddy) Horses

The Homestead

My Mother-in-Law recently found this photo of the farm while rummaging through some pictures Grandma and Grandpa Foley left behind. We figure this was either right before or right after Grandma and Grandpa bought the farm back in the 60's.