Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lesson Learned

My daughter thinks she is beautiful. No, that is not true… My daughter knows she is beautiful. It has occurred to me that I can learn a lot from her, if I just listen hard enough. At what age do we become so self conscious that we doubt our own beauty? Sarah cannot pass by a mirror without stopping to gaze lovingly at the reflection she sees. She tosses her hair and smiles sweetly, declaring to anyone listening (even if it is only a teddy bear) that she is gorgeous! I want that confidence.
It seems that in today’s society, we must be self doubting, otherwise we are considered arrogant. We second guess anyone that pays us a compliment; for fear that they might think we are narcissistic if we agree with them. But is it not true that we are all beautiful in some way? I don’t think God would have put someone on the earth that did not have at least one redeeming quality. Today I will learn from my daughter that I am beautiful. (Of course this will have to wait until after I shower.)

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