Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Day

This morning the Farmer has the kids.  It is a rare day that he actually has them for an extended time period, as it is usually just an hour or two during one of my photo sessions or 15 minutes while I run to the store in peace...And then it is usually only after I wrestle myself out of their clinging arms and listen to the whaling reasons why I should not leave...
But today the Farmer has the kids.  He took them to Iowa to look at some new-fangled tractor thingy that I will never fully understand the purpose for - but that is not my job, to know the purpose of all this random equipment around the farm.  I do manage to put on a good front when asked though.  The scecret it to always sound like you know what you are talking about - even if you are making it up on the spot...My Dad taught me that.
So this morning the Farmer asked me "What are you going to do with all your free time this morning?"  Huh.  I wonder...
So please allow me to vent...
In my "free time" this morning, I:
Drove to and executed a fabulous family shoot for a cute little family from town.
Went to the grocery and bought way too much food for the simple fact that I could actually LOOK at the products on the shelf and not run blindly through the store with two children hoping they did not see the stuffed animals by the register, the bubble gum machines, the Hog Wash display or the candy isle.
Came home - downloaded the family session and put groceries away (in that order.)
Cleaned up kitchen from husband's "I will handle breakfast" proclamation.
Vacuumed up the lovely mess in our bedroom that the plumbers left behind when they ripped out the radiant heat yesterday.
Washed said floor.
Vacuumed living room, dining room, hall and bedrooms.
Steamed kitchen floor
Made a sandwich
Cleaned the bathroom from children's morning toothbrushing (HOW do they get toothpaste on the door handles and the shower faucet???)
Gathered children's P.J.s from random places throughout the house and put in laundry
Started laundry
Loaded and started dishwasher
Remembered sandwich which is now covered in flies from having new windows installed all week
Swished flies from sandwich - will come back to that
Texted my friend Lynn
Thought of my infinitely wise friend, Shannon, who takes her housework in stride and seems a much happier person for it....with 4 kids!
Blogged - just cause.
Now I am going to eat my sandwich - with Doritos (that I usually have to hide and sneak one chip at a time because I am a big hypocrite that does not let her children eat junk food - but partakes herself, in hiding of course....) out in the open, without interruption, alone.  While editing this morning's shoot...
And that is my "free time".