Sunday, May 31, 2009

Please Take One...Please?

These adorable little kittens, born on May 10, have recently been orphaned. New homes are needed immediately.
Kittens are currently being bottle fed with Kitten milk replacer and doing very well. They eat about 1/2 oz. every 6-8 hours.
They are guaranteed to melt your heart and warm your toes.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Horse Power

After the other day, and all the trouble my car put me through, I have decided that this is our new means of transportation. So, that being as it may, if you would like to schedule a play date or some quality time with anyone in the family, you will now need to book at least four hours ahead of time, as that is how long it will take us to get anywhere. Thank you and good night.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Party On The Farm

Car Trouble

This morning, after finishing at the gym, Aiden and I made our way back out to our car only to be greeted by a loud hissing sound near the rear of the vehicle. Sure that I was getting a flat tire, I immediately called the Farmer and told him I was on my way to him for a quick tire change and patch at the shop.
I was able to get to the shop and stood supervising as the Farmer then proceeded to remove the tire and take it over to the workbench to find the hole. Meanwhile I was thinking how strange it was that I was able to drive the 15 miles from the gym to the shop and not have a completely flat tire, especially seeing as the hissing sound was loud enough to hear from a distance of about three feet from the car...Hummm....So I put my ear to the vehicle under the wheel well where he removed the tire, and sure enough the hissing was still there.
So we (by "We" I mean "He") replaced the tire and slid under the car for a closer inspection. He had me start the car and turn on the air conditioning. Now, you would think since he asked me to do this, he would be ready for just about anything under there, right? I started up the car and switched on the air, at which time I heard several four letter words from under the car...OOPS... Apparently I have a leak in the refrigerant, which seems to spray from the line when the air is started. The Farmer emerged from the car spitting freon which had shot directly in his mouth. OOPS. Why would you have your mouth open anyway?
We made an appointment in town to have the car fixed and he came to pick me and Aiden up as we had to wait several hours for the repair. When the Farmer got there to pick me up we needed to move Aiden's car seat from my vehicle to his. Only one problem. About two weeks ago I had participated in a Car Seat Safety Check during which the 250lb. man that was inspecting proceeded to tighten my car seat by sitting in it, pushing down against the ceiling of the car and tightening the latch system....Well, now we cannot get the seat out of my car...So we did what we could do, we put Aiden in his sister's booster seat (NOT RECOMMENDED...Or legal...). And here he rode all the way home. Very uncomfortably, might I add.
So, now I am here at home, waiting for the call that says I can pick up my car and once again be mobile. That call cannot come soon enough.

Kittens Kittens Everywhere

Petunia - Mama cat
Petunia's kittens - she has three
Whiskey and litter (four in all here.)
Flower and her brood - three souls here.

Seriously. Seriously! We have ten kittens on the farm right now, much to Sarah's delight. I, on the other hand, am just thinking about all the cat food I will be purchasing in the near future...Uhg. They are pretty cute though. Let me know if you are in need of one of these adorable fuzz balls - we will send one right over!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009


What do Stay at Home Moms do when they are bored...Well they sew of course! Translation: they think of new ways to make their Husbands look foolish...
So the FlipfloppingMamma and I got this idea...
Take an old bed sheet - in this case it was the Farmer's old Superman sheets that he had when he was a kid (Last year).
Using his lounge pants, we cut out the shape of a pair of pants (Note to self - never do this again, it was COMPLETELY wrong...)
Sew up either side and hem legs. This is when we noticed the length of the crotch...Humm...Seems to be some trouble here....
Yup - Definately NOT right... Ok, after some minor crotch adjustment, we did get it right. And Wadda know? The Farmer loved them! (That is not him in the picture above though.) He slept in them for two whole nights...Before the crotch blew out....

The smaller version we made was much cuter though. And much sterdier. The Farmer is pleased that he could hand down his comfy Superman sheets to his son.

Wonder what we will do next time we are bored...

The Tourtise and the Hare

On Saturday, while obsessively mowing my lawn, I came across a small baby rabbit in the grass. The rabbit did not run. It did not hide. It sat in front of my mower. So, of course, I got off the mower and scooped up the downy little fella in my hand and took him to the safety of our large pine windbreak (knowing full well that that was a good 200 feet from where I found him, and he just may not make it through the night - but what was I going to do? Mow over him? Leave him for the hawks in the corn field?). First I hollered for Sarah who was nearby playing with our new baby kittens to come and see the cute baby bunny. She helped me find a place in the pine trees to put him and we left him for Mother Nature...Or so I thought, but we won't get into that right now - this is a happy story!
So tonight, as I was backing into the drive after a horrendous shopping extravaganza at the local Walmart (through which Aiden not only screamed, cried and tried to climb out of the shopping cart by way of using my shirt, exposing my boobs to the entire store, he also seemed to be able to reach every item in the cart and on the shelves and hurl them to the ground - fun times.), I noticed a large dark object in the ditch in front of our house. It was a turtle! Slow moving and steady - just as the story fortells - he was making his way along the road. You gotta love living in the country!
I happend to be on the phone with the Farmer at the time that I saw the turtle and he began immediately warning me that it was probably a snapping turtle and we should keep our distance, but I could not help myself. We rushed right over to make friends. That is, until Aiden started pushing out of my arms and screaming to get down and meet the new reptile friend in the yard.
I did get pictures of the tourtise, but not of the rabbit (sorry, no warm fuzzys...). But it did make for good blog fodder! Not to mention that the Farmer's radio in the tractor is now buzzing with the word "Snapper" and the jokes will keep them running for at least two days. Humm...I think those boys are too secluded out there....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Rain Days

The past few days have been a little too wet to be in the fields so I was able to snap this pic outside our house on Thursday.

Happy Birthday Aiden!

Of course we had to have balloons - one of Aiden's favorite things.

Originally I was going to have a Tractor themed party for Aiden - as his sister had for her first birthday. Ya know, the one where we had to rent a hall and invite everyone we knew - not to celebrate that she was a year old, mind you, to celebrate that I had kept her alive for an entire year! There were days I had my doubts...
Anyway - as of right now, Aiden is not really a tractor kinda guy - he is more a monkey kinda guy. You will learn this in future posts as I am capturing all his climbing endeavors on film...

I know, I know, everyone always starts off thier children's Birthday posts with "I cannot believe (Insert time frame in accordance to child's age) has gone by so quickly..." But really? Where does the time go? Now being the mother of two children - time has become even more evasive. I have no idea where the last hour went - let alone the last year!

That said, Aiden is now 1. And we have found that he enjoys cake immensely - in case any of you out there had any doubts...
We had a wonderful little (key word) party for him, early in the evening, and he seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

New Do

So the other day (well, it has been more like two weeks now...) I FINALLY made it out to have my hair "did". Some of you that know me well, know that this is an almost impossible task even when the Farmer is home, let alone when he is out in the field. But, alas, we had a rain day and I was able to escape for two whole hours to have my hair done...and grab a Chai Latte, and visit a friend (OK, so I tend to take advantage - sue me!).
Anyway, I had my hair dyed this time. Usually I go for a touch of highlight and call it good, but recently the gray hair has been taking over and I am staging a war. So I went with what the stylist (I think that is what they call themselves these days) called my "Natural" color. Apparently I am a vampire in hiding. It was brown. But not just brown, brown on the verge of black! A little shocking at first, but I am getting used to it now. Now that it has washed out a little and lightened up. I have to say, I find it quite fetching. I like not having the blonde give way to dark roots, and even my gray hairs have seemed to subside a bit. I pair it with a heavy dark eye liner and some thigh-high black buckle up boots and I am good to go. OK - not really. Goth does not suit me.
So I thought I would take a picture to show all of you the new color. This was a little bit easier said then done, as I always have the baby on my hip, and apparently the camera would be great fun if he could just get his hands on it...So here I am, shooting around the back, evading small grasping hands, taking my own picture. Tell me what you think.

P.S. - please not that I DO NOT have six fingers on one hand - the beveling in the mirror only makes it appear as if I did. Thank you, and goodnight.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Riding with Daddy

The other day the kids and I went for our first tractor ride of the season (and our first tractor ride as a family of four). For the first 5 minutes or so, it seemed like we would have pretty easy sailing - that is, until Aiden discovered where he was. Not only did he try to steer the tractor, pull cords from equipment, and attempt to talk on the CB, he also took off the Farmer's hat and glasses and tried to climb over his shoulder and when that did not work he became limp and tried to slide to the floor. Let me tell you, this kid does NOT like to be contained. So, from now on, all future rides in the tractor will also include a car seat. What!? Did you think I was going to let the Farmer get out of it that easy!?

Aiden Says Mama

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shopping (Said in a sing-song voice)

Every good day should start with a trip to IKEA. If some of you are not familiar (shame on You) it is a Swedish home goods store strategically located throughout the US. They sell everything from kitchen supplies (Strainers for $1) to Bedding (Set sets for $19). I went with the sole purpose of finding the latter for my children's bedrooms, but did not end up with any at all...Too picky, I suppose. But it was a well worth while trip anyway - we had a great time carousing the three levels of wonderful household items - even picked up a few things we did not really need...Like a 4' alligator...

Aiden did also get this AWESOME froggy bib that catches everything before it can hit the floor...The only problem - when he wears it, he cannot bring his arms back to center...Oh Well - clean floors are worth it!How do you top IKEA - well, with Cheesecake Factory, of course! All of us (with the exception of "No Fun Nikki" had this tasty treat set before us after a wonderful lunch.

Aiden even enjoyed it! Ok- I did NOT give him cheesecake...But he did have some whipped cream.

Apparently "No Fun Nikki" also had some slight wardrobe malfunctions while at the restaurant...Maybe that was why she did not have cheesecake?