Monday, May 18, 2009

The Tourtise and the Hare

On Saturday, while obsessively mowing my lawn, I came across a small baby rabbit in the grass. The rabbit did not run. It did not hide. It sat in front of my mower. So, of course, I got off the mower and scooped up the downy little fella in my hand and took him to the safety of our large pine windbreak (knowing full well that that was a good 200 feet from where I found him, and he just may not make it through the night - but what was I going to do? Mow over him? Leave him for the hawks in the corn field?). First I hollered for Sarah who was nearby playing with our new baby kittens to come and see the cute baby bunny. She helped me find a place in the pine trees to put him and we left him for Mother Nature...Or so I thought, but we won't get into that right now - this is a happy story!
So tonight, as I was backing into the drive after a horrendous shopping extravaganza at the local Walmart (through which Aiden not only screamed, cried and tried to climb out of the shopping cart by way of using my shirt, exposing my boobs to the entire store, he also seemed to be able to reach every item in the cart and on the shelves and hurl them to the ground - fun times.), I noticed a large dark object in the ditch in front of our house. It was a turtle! Slow moving and steady - just as the story fortells - he was making his way along the road. You gotta love living in the country!
I happend to be on the phone with the Farmer at the time that I saw the turtle and he began immediately warning me that it was probably a snapping turtle and we should keep our distance, but I could not help myself. We rushed right over to make friends. That is, until Aiden started pushing out of my arms and screaming to get down and meet the new reptile friend in the yard.
I did get pictures of the tourtise, but not of the rabbit (sorry, no warm fuzzys...). But it did make for good blog fodder! Not to mention that the Farmer's radio in the tractor is now buzzing with the word "Snapper" and the jokes will keep them running for at least two days. Humm...I think those boys are too secluded out there....

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Jessica said...

i haven't been on here for awhile...and i missed it! you are too funny :)