Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Car Trouble

This morning, after finishing at the gym, Aiden and I made our way back out to our car only to be greeted by a loud hissing sound near the rear of the vehicle. Sure that I was getting a flat tire, I immediately called the Farmer and told him I was on my way to him for a quick tire change and patch at the shop.
I was able to get to the shop and stood supervising as the Farmer then proceeded to remove the tire and take it over to the workbench to find the hole. Meanwhile I was thinking how strange it was that I was able to drive the 15 miles from the gym to the shop and not have a completely flat tire, especially seeing as the hissing sound was loud enough to hear from a distance of about three feet from the car...Hummm....So I put my ear to the vehicle under the wheel well where he removed the tire, and sure enough the hissing was still there.
So we (by "We" I mean "He") replaced the tire and slid under the car for a closer inspection. He had me start the car and turn on the air conditioning. Now, you would think since he asked me to do this, he would be ready for just about anything under there, right? I started up the car and switched on the air, at which time I heard several four letter words from under the car...OOPS... Apparently I have a leak in the refrigerant, which seems to spray from the line when the air is started. The Farmer emerged from the car spitting freon which had shot directly in his mouth. OOPS. Why would you have your mouth open anyway?
We made an appointment in town to have the car fixed and he came to pick me and Aiden up as we had to wait several hours for the repair. When the Farmer got there to pick me up we needed to move Aiden's car seat from my vehicle to his. Only one problem. About two weeks ago I had participated in a Car Seat Safety Check during which the 250lb. man that was inspecting proceeded to tighten my car seat by sitting in it, pushing down against the ceiling of the car and tightening the latch system....Well, now we cannot get the seat out of my car...So we did what we could do, we put Aiden in his sister's booster seat (NOT RECOMMENDED...Or legal...). And here he rode all the way home. Very uncomfortably, might I add.
So, now I am here at home, waiting for the call that says I can pick up my car and once again be mobile. That call cannot come soon enough.


Rachel said...

OH no! You poor thing! Any idea when it will be fixed? Do you need a ride to MOPS tomorrow morning? I can come and get you if you need it!

All Natural Mama said...

Hi Farmer Foley! I just found your blog courtesy of the Flip Floppin Mamma.
Freon in the mouth!? Wow. Yuck!
I heard about your tire. Yikes!
You missed a miserably hot & humid McDs with the air conditioning broken, lol. Maybe you were the lucky one.
But not the farmer with the freon in his mouth. Omg.
As for the booster seat, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has been forced to do this, lol.