Sunday, May 31, 2009

Please Take One...Please?

These adorable little kittens, born on May 10, have recently been orphaned. New homes are needed immediately.
Kittens are currently being bottle fed with Kitten milk replacer and doing very well. They eat about 1/2 oz. every 6-8 hours.
They are guaranteed to melt your heart and warm your toes.


All Natural Mama said...

Aaaah-choo! I'm sneezing just looking at them. Sorry I can't help you out! :-)

Heidi said...

OH - poor babies! What happened to mamma or dont I want to know.. :( We have a brood ourselves right now, or I would try to help you out.

Rachel said...

No. no. no. no.


(I'll give you mine, though, if you're interested in obtaining another one, hee hee!)

Renae said...

Let me know when you want some to leave, my Mom wants 3 kittens for her farm, their out.