Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This is Polly, our immortal fish. Polly has been with us now for about eight months. This surprises me, especially since I never had a fish live longer then three days. I even went out once and bought a 20 gallon fish tank complete with fancy, expensive, should last forever fish to put in it. Yup, three days and it was a mass suicide. Not sure to this day what I did wrong...Or for that matter, what I am doing right with Polly, but here she is. Alive and well. She has even taken on quite a personality. She begs for food. She hides when you yell in our kitchen. (Well as much as it is possible to "hide" in a clear fishbowl...She swims to the bottom back corner and waits for the noise to stop.) So to her I dedicate this post. Long Live Polly!

Sarah's New Dress

So, as some of you may know, I am trying my hand at sewing. It is going well...enough. Here are some pics of the dress that I made for Sarah Anne. Don't be too impressed - I did start with fabric that was already gathered at the top for the stretchy sundress look, all I had to do was stitch it up the back, add an apron and a sash. But, alas, I made something! Next we are working on a skirt...Humm...sounds a little more complicated...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Safety First, Children

Ok- so this is our fireplace. Please note all the wonderfully sharp edges and corners - just perfect for causing stitches in young children. Really, the fireplace has not been an issue for us. We moved into this house when Sarah was old enough to know better then to play near the fireplace. Ok - let's face it, Sarah has always been old enough to know better then to play near something so obviously dangerous...We have never had a problem with her laughing at us when we tell her no, or trying to sneak over to something that she knows is off limits. Aiden on the other hand, he has a danger magnet embedded somewhere in his body, and when I find it - we are having that puppy removed!!
This is how life was - put Aiden on the ground - he crawls to horribly sharp and pointy edges of fireplace and tries to pull up on very unsteady and wobbly legs. Pick Aiden up and move him to a new location - Aiden crawls to fireplace again. Pick Aiden up and move him to a new location - Aiden crawls to fireplace again. Pick Aiden up and move him to a new location - Aiden crawls to fireplace again. Ok - you get the picture. This went on, and on - for weeks. So we began looking for a hearth guard. Something that would cover all the potentially deadly parts of this obtrusive structure in the living room. We looked all over and finally found a "Baby Safety Foam", so we ordered. Measurements were taken, photos were emailed, and about a week later the product arrived.
To say the least, I was a little disappointed by the contents that came in a 2ft by 4 ft box delivered to our door. Inside were several items that could be picked up at any local Walmart and for what we paid for this thing (around $200) - I expected something more. However, we assembled the hearth guard anyway, under the premise that is could still be returned if we were not happy with it. Now mind you, it looks like we are about to mail off our fireplace. The baby safety foam looks more like a package ready for UPS pickup then a fabulous addition to our interior decorating, but - it works, and that is all that concerns me. Oh yea, and now, Aiden wants nothing to do with the fireplace.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why Buy Toys?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

While the Baby Sleeps

Ever wonder what I am doing when Aiden does finally go down for a nap? I am thinking up strange projects like these to do in that precious 20 minutes!Birdie for Sarah

Aiden's new Church Goin' Shirt
Ok- this was just for fun.

More Entertainment

No time...

I don't know about you, but if I see one more snow flake I am going to go ballistic. I am more than ready for spring to get here, even if it does mean loosing my husband to the planter. With Aiden so busy, I have not had time for much and I need to take that little ball of energy outside at least. Maybe if we are outside removing him from the same obstacles over and over again would not seem quite so monotonous... Here is a video for your viewing enjoyment - I am going to get the screaming baby...