Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This is Polly, our immortal fish. Polly has been with us now for about eight months. This surprises me, especially since I never had a fish live longer then three days. I even went out once and bought a 20 gallon fish tank complete with fancy, expensive, should last forever fish to put in it. Yup, three days and it was a mass suicide. Not sure to this day what I did wrong...Or for that matter, what I am doing right with Polly, but here she is. Alive and well. She has even taken on quite a personality. She begs for food. She hides when you yell in our kitchen. (Well as much as it is possible to "hide" in a clear fishbowl...She swims to the bottom back corner and waits for the noise to stop.) So to her I dedicate this post. Long Live Polly!

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Nikki said...

We have a fish...Orangie, that Cai won at the fair last year. Like you I went and bought this nice aquarium and spent $30 on fish at Walmart. Within 2 week all but Orangie were dead. I'm beginning to think those are some radioactive fish or something!