Monday, August 4, 2008


This past weekend was "Homecoming" in the town south of us. We celebrate this day every year at our friend's home by leaving early, drinking heavily and returning home late. Ok - I am not in on the drinking heavily thing, but I did have a half cup of Pina Colada slush - Yummy! It did not help Aiden sleep that day though.
We caught the parade in the morning and juiced the kids up on sugar right off the bat! Here Sarah is showing off her booty. By booty - I mean candy!!
It is good thing someone is keeping her out of the street! Where is Mom anyway? Oh yeah, behind the camera taking pictures, imagine that!
The parade is not worth watching without the candy flying!
This was the coolest folding chair ever! I had to take a picture just because I was jealous as I was baking out in the sun on this 85 degree day.

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Rachel said...

That looks like you had fun! Cool blog, I had no idea you had one! Now I can snoop, ha ha!