Monday, August 4, 2008

Stormy Night

Sometimes we forget how powerful Mother Nature can be. I know I tend to take for granted that storms will just blow by leaving us unscathed. I suppose if I lived further down south, I would be much more respectful, but alas, having never been in a serious storm, I just find them fascinating. I cling to the windows to catch every lightening flash and hear the loud roars of thunder as the storm rolls across the countryside. Our house provides the perfect view for watching the rain sweep through the cornfields, eventually pounding on our roof. I love every minute of it.
Last night, however, we did get hit by the severe thunderstorm the storm tracker had been warning us about. High winds took down large amounts of the tree in our front yard, taking the railing to our front deck with it. (Good thing - I never like that wrought iron!) We also watched as lightening struck our corn crib out back, not once, but twice. Nevertheless, there I was, with a front row seat, sitting in the windows watching it all.

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Jessica said...

yikes...we weren't hit that hard! you must have been in just the right path :( friends of ours in lake carrol lost power from 6 pm until 4:30 am this morning, so they got hit too.