Monday, August 4, 2008


Do I look like I like this thing!?

My friend, Brianne, thinks this Bumbo thing is all the rage. So I borrowed hers before investing in one myself. We brought it home and plopped Aiden in it and, well, as you can see, the last thing it looks is comfortable! He did not cry or even fuss a bit while seated in this contraption, but all my motherly instincts said "Get that kid outta there!". He spent the whole time (all five minutes I would allow) with his head lolling backwards, grunting to try to right himself. Maybe this is the hottest new exercise for eliminating baby boy boobs (can't really call them Man-boobs yet right?)? (By the way, Man-boob are on the rise - direct quote from the flipfloppingmomma - go organic!)
He did enjoy the great vantage point it gave him of the ceiling fan though...
The Bumbo goes back.

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Nikki said...

Awww man, give it another try when he's a little older! It made a great and convenient high chair when Cai was like 8 months to 1 was great to take with us to restaraunts and stuff instead of those icky high chairs! I had a blast with you Friday, hope to do it again real soon!!!!