Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to the Fair

Fair Week! There is nothing more exciting, in my book, then Fair Week. I am not sure if it is the food, the animals, or the noises that fill me with such joy when I am there, but I love it all! The local fair opened on Monday and, of course, we have been there both Monday and Tuesday so far this week. (You can bet we will be going again today)
Last night the Farmer and I took Sarah in so she could hit the rides. She is definitely a thrill seeker – the faster, the better! We left the little Farmer at his Nana’s, which did not go overly well. He cried the whole time we were gone. Maybe he is a big fan of the fair too, and did not appreciate being left out? I think he wanted a corn dog…
Anyway, after a few rides we enjoyed some Albers Ice Cream and took a swing through the rabbit barn. Now you should know, Sarah’s rabbit, “Bunny Jack”, passed away last week, and the way I see it, he could not have had better timing. We have told Sarah that she may get a replacement bunny at the fair this week. Not that I am cheap or anything…OK, maybe I am…But the rabbits at the fair sell at the end of the week for basement bargain prices. Instead of spending a small fortune at a pet store, we will be getting off pretty easy here. Not to mention this incentive surely softened the impact of Bunny Jack’s demise.
She spent about a half an hour sizing up which lucky bunny will be going home with us. Now all we have to do is wait until the week’s end to bring him or her home. Wish us luck.


Rachel said...

Maybe we'll see you at the fair. We pretty much spend every morning there!

Jessica said...

great pictures...they almost make me want to go!