Monday, August 18, 2008


Sarah attended Vacation Bible School (VBS) at St. John’s Lutheran Church here in town. She had a blast to say the least! They taught her all sorts of new songs, games, crafts and science experiments throughout the week. The classes ended with a singing performance and play at the church the following Sunday. Afterward the children all took part in an obstacle course and picnic in the church yard. Most fun of all was the “junk food relay” during which each player must race to a designated point and wolf down as much junk food as they are given and rush back to tag another player to do the same. I was a good sport (unlike the Farmer, shown below with all the othr Dads haging out on the sidelines.) and joined Sarah’s team. Sarah had no problem devouring the bag of M&Ms that she was given, and plenty of people were willing to help her out. Meanwhile, I about got sick shoving marshmallows and chocolate bars into my mouth, and no one even offered to help me. We placed second.

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Flip Flopping Mamma said...

You wolfing down 'arshfellows' (as Bubby calls them) is just TOO funny!!