Monday, June 8, 2009

Here Chicka Chicka

On Friday of last week we had twenty-five new additions to our farm arrive. These adorable little creatures were received at our local Post Office at 7 a.m. on Friday morning, I know this because as soon as they come in, the Post Office is on the phone to us to let us know that we need to get on the ball and get up there and get them right away. I don't know if it is the incessant chirping that annoys the Postmaster, or the slightly musty odor of a small box that has been stuffed with baby chicks for three days... And you wonder what your mail goes through when it leaves you, and why it looks the way it does when you get it...
Anyway - they are here now, and doing well! Sarah has been in charge of their care and she is sure to hold each one each day...How she knows the difference between twenty-five chickens is beyond me, but, OK. They have taken refuge in her kiddy pool for the time being and will be introduced to the chicken coop before long.

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