Friday, February 4, 2011

Entry # 4

Today we had to visit our accountant...The little man came with...The actual plan was that we would ship him off with his grandparents after they finished their appointment and we would then partake in our fleecing...Oh - I mean tax preparation.  Well, we had a little bit of a wait in the waiting room - apparently we got there a bit too early.
Now for the most part, Aiden did very well.  He sat, stood, kneeled and crouched, in a chair and did not venture off.  He shook a very nice man's hand and said his, well rehearsed, "Nice to meet you.", and he even minded his manners when he was asked if he would like to look at the man's tractors on his desk.
Really, it all went very smoothly.  That is until a few people from a neighboring office came bearing gifts for our accountant.  They stood directly in front of Aiden while exchanging well wishes and discussing the weather.  This is where it went wrong.  Aiden proceeded to poke a very tall man in the behind and announce to the room (containing about 6 adults) that this man had "Stinky Thunder Toots!".
Oh my.

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Mom said...

he's such a charmer!!