Friday, January 8, 2010

Babies and Bellies

God bless my friends to be so patient and permissive as to let me ransack their homes, dress them up in strange outfits and photograph them.  Today I spent the morning photographing my friend Nikki's beautiful pregnant belly.  Again.  As you can see, this is not the first time I made her pose for me, but the second.  This time I had a plan - unlike the last time when we just threw something together just to document the fact that yes, she was indeed pregnant and that baby to come had to start somewhere.
I draped Nikki in some lovely black table clothes...Uhg, I mean fabric, and took some High-contrast shots of her in her livingroom against another black table cloth.  By undereposing the frames just a little bit, we really kicked up the drama in the images!  I would, of course, show them to you right now...However they are out to Nikki for approval before your eyes can behold the beauty that is this wonderfully ripe woman.

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Rachel said...

"Ripe" . . .Lol, Love it!