Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hangin' Wit Da Girls

Spent the morning/afternoon just hangin out with some of the girls.  You see, our dear friend, Nikki, is expecting and due any moment now - literally, so we thought we would get some last minute picks of her beatuiful belly before it shrank back to it's normal size.  Of course she shows up today absolutely glowing and looking fabulous as usual, so it was pretty easy photographing her.

After the pics were taken Sarah had to explain to Nikki how to use the Baby Bjorn and NOT drop your baby, or in this case, practice dolly, onto the floor.

Then who could resist photographing Sarah's overly friendly, slightly ADD, georgous Vizsla dog, Casey.  Let me tell you though, Casey does not care for his picutre taken.  Each time the camera swings in his direction he turns away...Oh well - got a few good ones despite his camera shyness.

Oh yea, and did I mention there was cake?  I brought Better Then Sex Cake with me to try and induce labor.  Keaton sure enjoyed it!  Who's Mama's little Piggy?  We will let you know if it did it's trick on Nikki...

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Flipfloppingmamma said...

pics of nikki are awesome!