Thursday, February 25, 2010


Recently it has gotten increasingly difficult to capture some "portrait" worthy pictures of the Young Master Aiden in action.  He is one quick little fella, and yes, I do get plenty of shots off throughout the day, but nothing that is not blurred or flawed in some way, or shows the little angel coated in peanut butter

Well, today I finally got some really nice headshots and even a couple of his adorable little toes!  You must be wondering how I accomplished this?  Pure photographic magic. 

I waved my Photography Magic Wand and hypnotized him in to settling down and sitting for me for a whole series of images.

What!?  You don't believe me?

OK - so he fell into my garbage can and I took advantage.  Do you blame me!?


Flipfloppingmamma said...

i have pics of lane doing the same thing! See...i tell ya they are more alike then you want to admit. lol!

B Foley said...

That is hilarious...and the pictures are great too!