Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Bag I Can Be Proud Of

Usually I do not bring up my bags in a public forum.  Saddle bags, the bags under my eyes, that weird baby belly bag that hangs over my jeans....But in this case, this is one bag I can be proud of!  Today I received my new camera bag from the UPS man and  After much research and several disscussions with other photographers, I finally made the leap and purchased my new bag.  (Ok - I think it was that PayPal 25% Off incentive that really threw me over the edge.)
Now, mind you, I have been scouting a new bag for quite some time and have looked at several makes and models before I landed on the Jill-e Bag collection.  These are wonderful bags created with the woman photographer in mind. 
My first instinct was to go BOLD - I liked the lovely pink patten-leather bag.  Then I got to (over) thinking it and thought maybe red was more my style....So I went ahead and ordered the brown.  Not just the brown, but the brown JACK bag.  The Jack bag is actually a "men's" camera bag, not at all feminine.  I am such a chicken.
Anyway - he is here and I love him.  Jack is the newest object of my affection.


Flipfloppingmamma said...

How cool! A Jack Man bag....hmmmm...

Rachel said...

Ha ha, too funny; you're having an affair with "jack"! :)