Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Mrs. Schleich

Happy Birthday to my very dear friend, Sarah.  I have never before had a friend so inspiring, so strong in her faith, so unbelievably giving and kind.  You have been a blessing to have in my life and each day I am grateful to have you there with me, traveling through this journey of Motherhood and friendship. 
Girlfriends always know just what to say - especially in a card!

OK - so now she may be overreacting just a bit....This is the "Girlfriends" book I gave her...
Glad to see she has pulled herself together enough to tell Teresa how great my gift was.

The Ladies.

OK - The Ladies took a little bit of Photoshopping...

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nikki said...

love the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for always photographing all the good imes!!!!