Monday, December 27, 2010

The Articles of Aiden

So I have put some thought into chronicling the life I lead with the young Master Aiden at my side.  It seems, at times, as if the adventures we encounter should be recorded, as I am sure that one day I will, with a glossy smile and warm fuzzy feeling, not remember all we have endured...

Entry #1

Christmas was good - The Farmer has been home since Thursday!  Today I was thinking, it is like going through life with only one hand.  You make do.  You do not know any different - then someone attaches another hand to your other arm and whaddya know!?  Life gets SO much easier!!  The Farmer is my missing hand.  Life is good when he is home.

Today Aiden managed to break a toy tractor.  Not one of our toy tractors, mind you, our Banker's Tractor.  The Farmer took Aiden with him today to go see the Banker.
Given that the Banker is a good friend of ours, I went to see him after the Farmer returned home with the declaration that Aiden broke his tractor.
Me:  "I hear I owe you for the tractor?"
Banker: "Naw - it is ok."
Me: "$50?"
Banker: "No, it was a $100 tractor."
Me: "Can I replace it?"
Banker: "No - they don't make those any more."
Nice.  Of course they don't.
No low interest money for us this year.

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