Friday, January 7, 2011

Entry #2

Today Aiden was sick.  Actually, yesterday Aiden was sick too - we just did not know it yet.  He has not slept in two nights now and he keeps spiking a fever.  Enough of a fever that I had to take him to the Dr. today just to be sure this was the virus I was assuming it was and not something worse.
There are good points to having a sick two and a half year old boy.  Normally the amount of time spent on kisses and hugs with this young man is limited to the bedtime hour alone, and that is only because he knows how to procrastinate and work the system so well.  His mother is a sucker for cuddles.  But when Aiden is sick - he is all about the cuddling.  A warm wilted flower in my lap all day.  We watched movies, played with playdoh, ate toast...Did absolutely nothing.  It was heaven for a Mamma who just wanted to cuddle.
Tomorrow I am sure we will be back to the Aiden we all know and love.

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