Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Hiding Boogie.

Does anyone else out there know about this strange phenomenon? That is, hiding boogies? Sarah, God Bless her, has been found out. A while back, whilst cleaning her room, I found her stash. On her nightstand, carefully hidden by her bed, is a secret stash of boogies. Now, mind you, there is a perfectly good box of tissues ON her night stand and a trash can right next to the nightstand, but here is where they rest.
With a little elbow grease (once they solidify, you need elbow grease) and a whole lot of Lysol, the stash has been eliminated and the child warned. We'll see if it takes.
Just thought I would share.


Heidi said...

You boogie hater.. LOL

Mom said...

Thank goodness she won't see this blog when she's older(like a teen)for she will surely dislike you FOREVER!!!!

stephanie said...

We've found some too... John must have worked on one all night long because I saw nothing when I put him to bed and the next morning the wall next to his bed had been decorated in booger style.
I tried to think of it as a Jackson Pollock masterpiece, but it still made me want to vomit.