Monday, August 3, 2009

The Farmer's Latest Project

All last week the Farmer worked on the horse barn roof. Correction: MY horse barn roof, as I was reminded many a time...He did recruit some good helpers though (Uncle Pat and Farmer Dan...Oh yeah, and the boys!)

See, doesn't he look happy doing his wife's bidding? Not sure what Micheal is looking for up there though, maybe his replacement?We did have to keep a close eye on David though. He tended to fall off the roof quite a bit...Slight lack of spacial awareness there... Please note in the picture above that his father, Farmer Dan, seems to be watching his son slide down the side of the roof with utter disbelief. Have no fear - he lived through the week! He did come away with a sun burn and a nail in his foot though. I think I will owe him a trip to the comic book store as repayment...

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Rachel said...

Oooo, looks like fun!