Friday, August 14, 2009


The more we try to ignore it, the more it drives me nuts. A lot of kids’ television makes no sense. Here are five enigmas I just cannot get out of my head.

Miffy and Friends
What’s with her strange lack of seating? Her parents drive a convertible, yet they don’t have any kitchen chairs…At dinner, they all stand at the table. Why? The show is European, so they must have access to Ikea…

He has a dog, Pal – yet the janitor in his school is also a dog. How can an animal character have another animal as a pet? Is it some kind of social commentary? He’s not the only one, either – this all goes back to the Mickey –Pluto-Goofy conundrum.

Why doesn’t he sleep in a bed? Instead he is stuck with a rug on the floor. Yes, I understand he is a turtle, but all the other animal leads get to sleep in beds, don’t they? I’m just sayin’…

The Backyardigans
Since we are on the topic of animal leads. Tyrone is a moose, Austin is a kangaroo, Pablo is a penguin, and Tasha is a hippo. All this I understand. What the heck is Uniqua? Anyone? My best guess is a prehistoric bug…
Mac and Ruby (I know it is not Mac – but one letter on my keyboard (that which cannot be mentioned) is not working – so deal with it!)
Where the hell are their parents!? How old is Ruby? She takes her little brother into town on the bus, grocery shops, puts him to bed. Every time the Grandmother visits I want to yell, “NO! Don’t leave! They will be all alone again!!”

Thank you for listening to this rant.


Nikki said...

Uniqua is an alien...I looked it up, used to drive me nuts too. Not sure why they picked 4 ANIMALS and 1 alien, apparently they feel aliens ARE animals. The rest I can't help you with. But I can add one...Caillou...the kid wears shorts and a t-shirt in EVERY episode, even when its winter. And his mom and dad wear sweaters and jeans in EVERY episode...even when its summer! WHAT THE HECK is that about??!??!?!?!

Flipfloppingmamma said...

Uniqua is unique....hince the name! ha!

I've always thought that the animals having animal pets was weird too. We have a book about Elmo wanting a puppy. So, Mr. Fuzzle (what the hell is a fuzzle?) brings over his puppy for Elmo to watch. How do they decide who gets to talk and who doesn't? haha!

Flipfloppingmamma said... VERY SMART comment was lost and I'm not going to retype it. Anyway...i agree