Wednesday, August 12, 2009


There are certain things that come with the farm life, this I understand. Bugs in the house, gravel roads, an occasional loose goat...But waking up to this in the morning flying directly at your house, can unnerve a girl!
The komakozie crop dusters arrived this morning to spray our fields around the house. I was first aware of their presence when I heard a loud buzzing sounds outside my bedroom window. Chalking it up to trucks driving by, I didn't pay much mind. However, while blow drying my hair I saw a yellow streak fly by my bathroom window, which immediately sent me outside to investigate, bathrobe and all.
I managed to get a couple pics as they buzzed over and around the house (wonder if he saw me in my robe and towel...?), but when he came within feet of our large barn I was planning my escape! I was tempted to run back indoors and pluck the sleeping baby from his bed and run for cover. I did not. I toughed it out.

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