Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cold day at the pool

Beer break for Todd!
National kid throwing competition.
Sarah was so cold her lips were blue - but back in the water she went!
Break time - really it was time to warm up. Ok - so the icees did not help that.

Zoe refused to take off the goggles, even for an icee break!

Over the weekend we hung out at Todd and Tami's house and did some swimming with the kids. I should say, Matthew did some swimming with the kids - it was cold, you can't expect me to get in there! The kids did not care though, they were all about the water. Sarah even began jumping in by herself and shocked us all with her swimming abilities in the deep water.

By the time they came out of the water, they all had goose bumps the size of Volkswagons and were shivering uncontrolably, but it never phased them. They were ready for rund two after supper!

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