Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Swim Lessons

Sarah has been taking swim lessons for about two weeks now. She has done very well this year, although I think she may be to small for them to bump her up to the level three status she was looking for. (She is the smallest one in her group) She does swim like a fish though, more often underwater then above.

Her boy-craziness has really come in handy for lessons too. She has a young man, Jordan, as her instructor and would do just about anything he says! He even has her going off the diving board without a life jacket! (This was a little scary for Mom, not for Sarah) My friend Lynn compared the instructor to the Incredibles character today - I think she was right, they do bear some similarities... None the less - Sarah is enamored with him.
Sarah and Mr. Incredible
Hanging out in the deep end - Look Mom No Life Jacket!
Swim class - learning the front crawl
Kick board.

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