Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Horse on the Block

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Jim bought himself a fancy new horse. They call him Chief. Ok - it is really El Jue--something something in Spanish that means chief - but I can only pronounce Chief.

Today Sarah, Aiden and I went out to take a look at said fellow. He is sure a looker! Peruvian Paso by breed, he moves quite elequantly and seems to fly around the ring. His glossy black coat catching the sun and mane and tail streaming behind. Jim had just the tack to adorn such a stead too. With tapederos and all they were decked out to the max.

Jim was having some minor discipline troubles with the guy that he said he would like a little help with, and with a minor amount of coaching he was able to correct him and off they went around the area like old friends.

Now to put my riding lately in perspective, I have not ridden since July of last year. (Trying to get on a horse while you are pregnant is uncomfortable at best.) So when I volunteered to ride this one, I was nervous to say the least. Climbing in the saddle Chief reassured my fear by pinning his ears and reaching for my shoe. Boy was he surprised when he got that tapedaro instead! But once I was in the saddle I was in heaven! To feel that horse beneath me and the power he possesses was wondrous. He stepped out beautifully, full of willingness and strength. Oh how I have missed that feeling...

So now I have the bug. I will be searching for sitters to care for the kids as I ride off in the sunset on our beasts here at home. Someone should really warn our horses.

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Jessica said...

I'd be more than happy to watch your little one's, if you'd like some riding time :)