Monday, July 21, 2008

Still Kickin'

Above: Dressed for success! It is all about the outfit! Left: Sarah got to kick in the ball!
Below: "What are we supposed to be watching? When can we go back inside?" Aiden is not amused...
Last Wednesday Sarah had her first Soccer Game. It was interesting.... Ok, so when you have 30 4-6 year olds you have to expect some level of chaos. Basically the kids just tried to kick the ball. It did not matter in what direction the ball was kicked, only that contact was made.

Sarah was her usual timid self and hung out on the fringes of the excitement for the most part.

She did, however, get chosen to kick the ball in from out of bounds! That was pretty exciting! And quite possibly, the only time she was able to touch the ball. We will be playing every Monday and Wednesday night, so maybe she will get in the mix eventually. Right now I am just happy that she is out there running her little heart out and making new friends. (Two of which she has declared as her new boyfriends...uhg...)

Aiden on the other hand, was not interested in watching Big Sis at all - he was more interested in finding out why the "outside" is not air conditioned. He did pretty well for about 15 minutes and then he was done and needed a cold drink! Sounds a lot like Daddy...

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Jessica said...

I must agree that she is one of the cutest little kickers out there on the soccer field!