Friday, April 24, 2009

Cleaning A Little Safer...

OK - by now most of you know about my tendency to get a little carried away with my cleaning...Well, it should be no surprise that once a week I like to hand wash all my hard floors in the house, then I spot clean daily with wet swiffers. Recently a friend sent me this horrifying email with warnings about cleaning with swiffer and it's close chemical makeup to antifreeze and how this may harm small children and pets.
So, that being said I am back to washing my floors by hand every afternoon and I have switched back to plain ol' vinegar, water and dish soap. The reason? Well Aiden has to be right under me as I wash my floors, he enjoys skating over the wet laminate on all fours, belly flopping on my tile and wiping his feet on the hard wood - little did I know he was doing all this in the antifreeze called "Swiffer" that I was using previously! There go my knees!

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