Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rain Day

Here's to prove that too many rain days in a row can drive a woman to do almost anything to keep from going insane. I did this with the help of

Here is the "Before":

Taping it off, like a good girl...I have been known not to use tape and let's just say, the results ain't pretty.

The color:

My high paid helper:

She is VERY careful - see, it comes in handy to pass down my OCD genes!

The finished product:

This is where Single Stone Studio came into play. I ordered this great vinyl sign from their Etsy shop. It was easy to put up and even came personalized all for around $30.00. I have bumpy walls too (I would have used a more sophisticated word instead of bumpy, but I am still missing one letter on my keyboard) anyway - it still looks great - even with the bumps!


Nikki said...

I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!! That is sooooo cool! :)

Mom said...

I also love it! Come do mine........

Flipfloppingmamma said...

that looks so cool!! i'm impressed