Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stalking in the First Degree

OK, so I am not a huge fan of Extreme Home Makeover, Ty Pennington does not make my heart go pitter-patter (sorry, Ty – I am sure you will recover) and I am not even sure I have seen all that many episodes of the show to tell you the truth, but when I heard that they were coming to our county…Well, let’s just say, even I got excited!
Not as excited as my friend, Nikki, who, since hearing the show was coming to our town, has been planning her grand wedding to Ty…Or as it turns out, anyone that is on the Extreme Makeover show. How she is going to do that when she is already married to and has a child with a wonderful man, I am not sure – details.
Anyway, today was the day of the big announcement; today they would let one lucky family know that they were getting a new home. I had a hard time sleeping last night; I could imagine what the five final families were going through! I did wake up this morning and check our local news, just to see if there was any word of who the family would be, but there was nothing. It wasn’t until my phone rang at 8:45 a.m. that I got the news that the Makeover team were heading in our direction.
You see, my friend, Nikki, whom I mentioned before, had, apparently, been staking out the hotel that the crew was staying at. She even scaled some nearby building to take pictures from the rooftop for a better angle….Anyway, she called me very excited and told me she had followed the Extreme convoy out of town and was now heading in my direction! I knew instantly who the family was that would receive the awesome news that they, within a week, would be living in one of the coolest houses in town!
So I gave Nikki directions to the farm that I was sure it was and sent her on her way. She made it all the way to the site, but, somehow, ended up at the wrong house snapping photos and trying to get arrested. Hilarious. She then called me on her way home for further directions out of the countryside she found herself wandering thinking to herself that she was the ONLY person who got up close pictures of the house in question and that she had come out on top, and, of course, I made her come over so I could see her pictures.
So she showed up. Unshowered and in her PJs – because stalking does not wait for good hygiene. To her dismay, I had to explain to her that she took pictures of the wrong house. She was not happy. This time I went back with her and showed her the correct house, and wadda know? We got there just as the crew was walking down the lane to share the news with the homeowners! Albeit, we were about a mile away due to the road blocks they have in place and the photos are blurry at best, we were still there. Part of history. And I have Nikki to thank. Thank you, Nikki for letting me come stalk Ty Pennington with you. My life is richer because of it.


Nikki said...

you're welcome Liz, you can stalk people with me whenever you want to...I do it on a regular basis :oP

Rachel said...


(Now, a truly devoted blogger would have gotten a picture of Nikki . . . I'm just hinting for future blog posts, hee hee!)

All Natural Mama said...

Only Nikki... lol. What a hilarious girl.
I've never seen the show, but I know everyone is going crazy.
Nikki is hilarious. She is a total paparazzi stalker.