Friday, September 12, 2008

Book Club

The book club finally met! Yea! I can now change my "What are you reading" section of this blog! Yippee! Ok - that is enough of the !!!
Yes, it is true, our book club had it's first official meeting. I was thrilled to host this fun filled event. We ate desserts and cheese and drank yummy wine (ok, I had a wine glass full of milk - I am still recovering from last weekends shannanigans, uhg.)
We discussed The Other Boleyn Girl in depth. Contemplated the author's motives and direction, made assumptions on what each of us would do in the same situations, and put the topic to modern day terms. Then we got on to juicer subjects - like our husbands, our pasts and a certain almond shaped object that I do not wish to mention here.
It was a blast! I am so excited to have such a great group together! We are all very diverse, yet can truly relate to one another on every level. They are a wonderful group of interesting, humorous, an adventuresome women. I cannot wait until our next meeting! We will be reading "The Heretic's Daughter" and having a bonfire to celebrate. I am sure there will be more wine too. And a certain library bag full of beer...


Rachel said...

Let me guess, the "Almond shaped object" . . . does it share a name with a type of fish, ha ha?

Cheryl said...

That amazing Elite (delete) 6, what an amazing band of women...who are so literary and intellectual and inspiring on every level. hehe Thanks for hosting, can't wait for the next meeting!