Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Festival

Eagerly awaiting candy.
Local High School Marching Band
That is one happy kid.
Of course this was our favorite part - the horses!

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated our town's annual Fall Festival. We kicked off the festivities on Friday night with games and rides uptown. Now that Sarah is old enough, she is able to hit just about every ride they bring to town, and she loves it! It is enough to make me sick though - I have to send the Farmer anymore. There's something about getting older, I am unable to spin at dizzying speeds without becoming ill...

Saturday we went to the parade in the morning and loaded up on all sorts of goodies, the likes of which will still be in our cupboard when next Fall Festival rolls around. And finally Saturday night the Farmer and I wandered uptown for our annual night at the bar. There is a reason we only do this once a year. The crowds are plentiful and the music loud. Again - I am getting too old for all this. All that said, we really had a great time with the Flip Flopping Momma and her Hubby. Stayed out past 10 o'clock - unheard of, I know! (OK - so we were home by 11.)

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Nikki said...

Yeah what the heck is up with old age and motion sickness! I can't even sit too close to the screen at the movie theater without getting queasy! ugh!