Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hanging out with her classmate, Marey.
Look at those tiny skates! Who knew they came so small?
Doing the Limbo.

Last week Sarah and I hit the Roller Rink with some kids from school for a Back To School Party. I had promised her that once she turned five we would teach her how to skate. This was to qualm some fears she had about turning five. I think she is afraid that one day she will be too big to have us help her, or hold her, or give her mooches...Little does she know that day will NEVER come.
Sarah had already been ice skating several times, seeing as I was into ice skating as a kid, but this was her first experience on roller skates. Let me tell you, she took off like a natural! I was more scared of her falling then she was (of course). She did hit the ground a couple of times and it never phased her. She was off with the big kids. Telling me the whole time, "I can do it, Mommy" and wriggling her little fingers from my grasp. And by George - she could! She was great - even shaking her little booty to the music and participating in the Limbo competition (shown above).
I know she is supposed to be this independent, I just have a hard time letting go. But she will never be too old for mooches or hugs or raspberries on her belly (ok - I might have to let go of that last one before she is 16...).

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