Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Day in the Life

Holding the screaming baby... I look a little frazzeled - don't you think?
Cupcakes - still no frosting

Nope, no frosting on the cake yet either

So, I had a day. On Friday of last week I was to be getting ready for Aiden’s Christening and Open House, and, of course, nothing was going as planned. From about noon on Aiden suddenly became inconsolable in his crying and I still had a cake to bake, cupcakes to make and BBQ to throw together so that on Saturday we could go for a day trip with Matthew’s visiting Brother, Tim, and his wife, B. And if I did not have enough to do – I decided I finally needed to do something with our quickly ripening apples in the orchard, so I added applesauce to my list.
By 4 o’clock I had had it, by 5, I was miserable and by 6, I was in tears. Aiden had been screaming for 6 hours straight now. Without a break. I could only assume that the sobbing was a result of the four teeth that have begun to make an appearance on his tiny little gums. He had been changed, bathed, medicated, and rocked. I offered for him to nurse several times, each time I was reciprocated with an even louder holler. I was at a loss.
Thank God for good friends, that is all I can say. I called my dear friend, the flip flopping Momma, and she rushed right over, miracle in hand. Her husband took the screaming baby from my arms and turned him to face his wife. She then proceeded to drop three little magic pills into his mouth. Before the tiny white substance could even finish dissolving, Aiden was quiet. Not only quiet, but I believe he was falling in love with my friend! He looked at her with such a look of pleasure that I could not contain my laughter. Teething Tablets – that is what these little pills are called. Of course, around our house they are more commonly known as baby crack.
All I can say is; I love my friends. Where would I be without them? I am one lucky gal!


Nikki said...

Teething tablets ROCK! Never called em baby crack around here, but thats kinda catchy...I like it! lol

Jessica said...

i feel bad for you, just reading this...i hope matt gave you a back rub after a day like that :)