Thursday, June 26, 2008


Here I thought I was being quite efficient taking both children in for their Doctors appointments at the same time yesterday. Sarah needed a back to school physical and Aiden was due for his two month check up. Both visits required shots.
Sarah was very excited. You see, she wants (for the time being) to be a "baby doctor" and this would give her the prime opportunity to get an up close and personal view of the doctor in action with her baby brother.
She did VERY well with her exam. She sat still for the nurse to check her heart rate and blood pressure and was even friendly to Dr. Deumler as he checked her over. But the real test of true bravery for her were the shots! She needed two this time and received them both in her legs. She was outstanding - not even flinching or looking away. I, on the other hand, was about on the floor! No tears were shed and no complaining heard. Unbelievable.
Next was Aiden, who also did well at his exam, but the shots were heartbreaking. This is where Matthew comes in. I made him come with to hold Aiden down - I do not have it in me. Big sister, Sarah, who did not cry for her own shots, was in tears for her baby brother who received three agonizing shots in his legs.
All-in-all, we made it through the appointment unscathed. It was at home that it all turned into another story... Aiden slept soundly for the first two hours we were home. I thought we had clear sailing to head off to the pool with a sleeping baby and a bouncing four-year-old. I got Sarah and I into swim suits, towels gathered and pool bag packed. And then it hit.
Aiden woke with a startled shriek, which quickly turned into violent screams of pain. His little leg had swollen and become a lovely shade of crimson. Every time he moved it sent a jolt of pain through his small body. It was terrible. For two and a half hours he screamed uncontrollably, no matter what I did to try to console him. We tryed ice, warm baths, Tylenol - nothing worked. About 4:30 he finally slipped into an exhausted sleep. I could breathe.
In the meantime, Sarah, who was now sadly disappointed that we were not going to the pool, also began to feel sore in her injection sites. She began limping around the house and whimpering. I would pick her up when I could, but with Aiden screaming at the same time, it was hard to give her her due sympathy as well.
By 5:00 the Tylenol had kicked in for both children - just in time for Matthew to come home from work. I have to wonder if he thinks I make these things up. He came home to a perfectly happy daughter and a sleeping son. (Oh yea, and an exhausted wife.) He and Sarah headed out to the barn and Aiden and I took a bath.


Jessica said...

ohhh...your poor little people :) i know they are both ok now, but shots are so traumatic for kids and their mamas!

Theresa said...

so sorry for the Babies, shots are the worst. Did the Mommy take some Tylenol, too?