Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Sixteen Pound Baby

As some of you may know, not long ago we welcomed a new member to our family. Aiden Daniel was born on May 14 weighing in at a petite 8lbs. 6oz. I say "petite" only because he was out weighed by his sister who tipped the scales at a whopping 9lbs. 9oz. Now, if you are like my mother, you are thinking to yourself right now - "9lbs. - that is nothing, I PUSHED out a 10lb. 10oz.'er!" (The baby that caused my mother to never walk the same again, would be me.)

Anyway, Aiden is well on his way to making sure he out-weighs his 4 year old sister (now 35lbs.), before he hits his first birthday! During a visit with friends today I had the opportunity to put Aiden on an at home baby scale. My guess, now that he is 7 weeks old, was that Aiden would be around 13lbs. Of course, after lugging around this wonderfully chubby baby in a carseat for the past 7wks, my arms would say different. Sure enough, we have a 16lb'er on our hands.

Some of you may ask, does it worry you that he is gaining at such a rapid weight? Well, let me assure you all that he is a breastfed baby, and, statistically speaking, he is not destined to be an obese adult. And I feel, any amount of fat that is directly transferred from my body to his is just fine with me!! That said, the way I see it - the more chub, the more to love!

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Rife Wife said...

Welcome to the blogging world! It's a wonderful thing! Anyways, I'm going to love keeping up with y'all this way!
AND I guess I won't be sending any clothes your way since Aiden weighs just as much as Samuel! You should be bottling your liquid gold!!!