Thursday, June 26, 2008

Soccer Mom

OK - so it is official, I have become a cliche. We did the mini-van thing, have the required two children and now, I am a "Soccer Mom". Does this mean I get to be grouped in the Soccer Mom vote for the 2008 election?... At least I am not in the NASCAR section ( sorry Dad).
Sarah started soccer on Monday of this week. Although I do not see a future campaign to the Women's Soccer Team, she does enjoy it. Matthew says she is just there to socialize... I have no idea where she would get that trait. But that was what her first two practices consisted of, talking and being the last one in with the ball. Oh well, we will see how the games go. She does look aweful cute in the outfits!

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2boys&aprincess said...

Hey Liz, Cool blog!! Your photos are great, too! See ya at the pool when we get back from S.C.