Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Dinner that Wasn't

With having Thanksgiving at someone Else's house, you miss out on one very important thing...The leftovers. So I had it in my head that I needed to make my own Turkey Dinner the evening before last. I gathered the bird...Uhm...Ok, I may have cheated a little on the bird. I found this wonderful JennyO bird in a bag thingy that promised I did not have to defrost. I am all for no defrosting. After all, I never really know when I can cook the bird after it has been frozen...For me, defrosting is a mysterious and unreliable thing. I can take the turkey out of the freezer, sure, but how many days it will take from that point is lost on me..Anyway! So I have the bird in a bag here.Doesn't that lovely woman on the front of the package make this look glamorous? I am sure that is what I will look like when I finish cooking this foul.
Some left over cranberries, scalloped corn (what a great invention that is!) and sweet potatoes, all of which I froze the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, I can defrost simple things like these.

Then I whipped up some taters and gravy. This is what my gravy started out like - look at that! Then I did some culinary magic and Viola! Just look at that smooth texture, that wonderfully thick, mouth watering texture. Ok - So I lied - it came in a bag too.
Here is that bird in the oven - ain't she a beauty. I can still smell that wonderful aroma wafting out of the kitchen... They come in this nifty cooking bag, as long as you can push a button to turn on the oven, and you are trusted with scissors to put some vents in the top, you can cook a turkey! I didn't tell the Farmer I used scissors, it will be our secret...

Then I got a little too busy nursing an infant and let the turkey cook a teensy bit too long. Oh well, almost everyone can do this.
I have to say though, this was a very good turkey. So tender it fell off the bone, and very well seasoned. Then there was the discussion I had with the wine bottle... It went something like this:

Me: "Oh, you're one of those bottles."
Wine: "He he, you will never open me!"
Me: "Do I even own a cork screw anymore? I knew I should have stuck to the cheap stuff."
Wine: "Here I am, cold and tasty and you will never open me!"
Me: "Oh look, a cork screw! Now, how does this work again?"
Wine: "You will never figure it out! Look, you couldn't even cook a turkey in a bag!"
Me: "hummmm, I think it goes like this.... Ah-ha!"
Wine: "Oh NO! Wait a minute - she still doesn't have it right yet. He he he"Wine: "Uh-oh"
Me: "Ta-Da! I didn't even drop any cork pieces in the bottle this time!"Wine: "Chucks."

Ok- so once the wine was opened, the dinner table set, fixin's fixed, it was time to eat...There was only one thing missing - the Farmer. Insert telephone ring here...

Farmer: "I'll be late."
Me: "Late? Really? I made a turkey! And I have wine - real wine, not that $3 stuff I usually buy. I used a cork screw."
Farmer: "Bla bla bla..Chisel plow...Bla bla...Have to help...Bla bla bla bla...Late."
Me: "Fine." - click.

But have no fear, Sarah, Aiden and I enjoyed a very nice turkey dinner by candlelight. And now I need a new bottle of wine....Not really, but I would have liked to have polished it off! Darn nursing child.


Rachel said...

Ooo, haa haa, you are too funny!

Heidi said...

OMG, you have me rolling with laughter here about your wine. And this is what i hear from Dean many nights, "Bla bla bla..Chisel plow...Bla bla...Have to help...Bla bla bla bla...Late."

Jessica said...

now that is hilarious!!! love the wine conversation...