Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fine Times

Jake, Abby and little Jack out in the field with the Farmer.

Saturday I was more then pleased to be able to spend the entire day with my friend, Abby from up north. As you will see she is slightly pregnant, expecting the new addition at the end of this month. Let me be the first to say, she is radiant. I was so jealous of her beautiful round belly, I could actually here that biological clock ticking again. I seem to have this problem whenever I am around expectant mothers...

But seriously, look at this man -who wouldn't want to have his children. OK - maybe loose that hat, but these babies seem to turn out so darn beautiful despite his obvious lack of style.
So to end the great day of Walmart-paloosa that Abby and I had while she was here and her Hubby and child rode with the Farmer in the field, we ventured over to The Bardell Life's home for some wine, grasshoppers, and Wii! What a combination! Nothing like serving up the booze to a pregnant lady.

Here we have our dear friend, Jen, boxing in the living room. That would be her son and daughter also in the picture, and no, she did not whack him in the back of the head, as it looks like she may be doing. She did, however, become very sweaty and out of breath!

Here she is again - now some of the children have actually taken to running away from here - note the fleeing child in the background.
This would be that before mentioned fleeing child, Jack. Ain't he handsome? I believe he likes "See Food"... I cannot wait to see if the new baby looks like his/her big bro.

Did I mention there were grasshoppers involved?

And this is what you get when you give a pregnant lady too many grasshoppers...Ok- Cool your Jets, we did not make the pregnant lady drink alcoholic beverages! She insisted...NO, I am kidding! But I do not understand WHY you cannot have alcohol when you are pregnant - this is the only time of life when I actually NEEDED a drink. I mean, your hormones are on overload, your not sure you can go through the whole labor/delivery thing, you feel like a overinflated beach ball...EEK! Somehow we forget all this and fall right back into baby bliss when we see someone else carrying a child, funny how that happends.

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