Monday, December 1, 2008

Girl's Night Out

A couple of weeks ago some crazy lady put me and a few other all too cooped up Moms in charge of a Girl's Night Out for the Moms that belong to our Mother's of Preschoolers group. Little did they know what they were in for! Having way too much time on my hands, I decided to go all out with this little festivity... I went to a local up and coming salon and begged for all sorts of free services, and, whadda know, they said yes! The other gals and I then went door to door to beg for free door prizes and once again ran into good luck. We even went as far as decorating the hall with twinkle lights and tulle, candles and glitter, not to mention tables of food and beverages brought by all. It was lovely.
We did not get the response we would have liked to have seen, but the spa services were spectacular and with so few people the Organizers could take full advantage of all the wonderful goodies available! Heck, I even came away with some pretty cool door prizes!

Here we see an unsuspecting Mom getting her eyebrows waxed - Mine have never looked so good, personally...

I am not sure what this was called - but it involved some ultrasound jelly and a little electric device. It is supposed to eliminate wrinkles...Humm, maybe they should have demonstrated on someone who actually HAD wrinkles!

The Organizers
(oh yea - and Aiden, did I mention that he is permanently attached to me now and I could not get out of the house without him?)

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