Friday, December 12, 2008

Fa La La

OK, I will be the first to admit that I have been a little lax on the postings around here. But, with all the Internet shopping and holiday decorating - I think I have a pretty good excuse.

We did finally make it this week to get our wonderful Christmas tree. I think it happened to be the coldest day on record that we ventured out - but, alas, it is here and it is beautiful. For a while there I was doubtful we would have a real tree this year, what with all the corn still in the fields and the Farmer working double duty lately. On Monday our salvation from fake tree doom came in the form of a snow day, or rather an "ice day". We had a lovely showering of rain just before the earth froze into a glittery ice kingdom as far as the eye could see. Why not venture out on the roads to bring home a Christmas tree? After all - a real tree is worth our lives, is it not? Bring me a tree or bring me death!

So I took this scary looking feller out into the woods with me to ward off the bears, as we hunted down that perfect tree.

Sarah is a great hunter, by the way. See how she lures in the tree by waving a branch over the ground as to leave a scent trail...

Ah-Ha! We have led one into our trap! The agile Farmer leaps on it and takes hold of it's trunk to immobilize it. There is no getting away from us now!

Ya know, each year we embark on this adventure together, as a family, and each year I have wonderful visions of how the Christmas tree hunt will go. There are visions of hot cocoa, and snowball fights, and hours of carousing through the wood (Ok- tree farm) to find that perfect tree. Heading home to a crockpot full of yummies and admiring our new tree in the warm glow of a lit fireplace. There have been years exactly like that - Norman Rockwell perfect. Then there are years in which the Farmer is laying down in a pool of mud trying the saw down a tree with the dullest saw blade the Tree Farm Man could find, as it pours down rain on our heads and we stand in sodden clothes praying the Farmer hurries up already and we can go home.

Then there are years like this year. A year in which we are late getting the tree, so we are forced to jump on any available moment that the family is all together and able to venture out, even if it is only 10 degrees outside, and we rush from the car to the field of trees, pick the first one we see, and make a mad dash back into the store to pay for it and retreat to the warmth of the car once more.

I think Aiden thinks we are crazy... Doesn't that cold, red nose just break your heart? Get that boy back to the car!

And what better way to finish up this festive day then hitting the KFC drive through and heading home for a nice sit-down supper.


Anonymous said...

WHERE'S THE TREE????? I expected to see pics of it all decorated.

Tamie said...

I was wondering what had happened to you this week... I guess I am safe to assume you are fine and in the warmth of your home... just getting things done before the holidays.

bakeling said...

Hi , just to say " Merry X'mas !" and see Aiden .