Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tis Not Good

This, here, is the beautiful view from our front window. Please note that I am not outside at this time, but instead am taking pictures from the warm side of the wall. As lovely as this all looks, tis not good.

Why? Do you ask? Well, let me tell you...Coming from a gal that LOVES snow and gets so excited about the first snowfall that she will wait up all night just to watch it out her bedroom window, I have a few reasons. Let me state my case, if you will.
I now have to have an archaeological dig on my front deck to find the rotten Halloween pumpkins that have been left out as a charming "Thanksgiving" decoration because someone was too lazy to get rid of them before hand. (I have no idea who that someone is...)
I will also have to form a search and rescue party for the mailbox once the road commissioner gets done with us.
My car will take two days to unearth out there - and it is cold, Man! Of course, I have TWO perfectly good garages I COULD have put my vehicle in before it snowed...But again with the cold thing - it is too cold to go out at night and put my car away. I wonder if the snow will wash it too?
But, oh the beauty. The shear winter land delight. I have to say, regardless of all the above atrocities, I will still be going sledding this evening with my daughter!

Oh yea, one more reason this much snow at the beginning of December is not good - the Farmer still has 1000 acres of corn standin' out there somewhere, and that ain't good. It makes for a crabby Farmer. I guess that should have been the most important reason, huh? Oh well - I get to see him tonight, I am happy! Wonder if he will cart our sleds back up the hill for us?.....


Anonymous said...

OK, I'm going to try this again.
I just want to Thank You again for decorating my living room. It wouldn't have gotten done if it weren't for you. But I can't do all that anymore, it was important at one time in my life, when you girls were growing up. Not so much anymore.
I love the snowy pictures! You are such a good photographer.
Love you much!

Anonymous said...

Does your township close your driveway when plowing snow? We always get plowed in or out and have to make a driving leap to get out.
Just recently the UPS man was coming up our hill and didn't make it and slid back and dangerously close to losing his truck and packages to the deep ditch and woods.