Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Autumn Has Arrived

A couple of weeks ago Sarah, Aiden and I made our annual treck to our local Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard. I always look forward to this trip, it makes me feel as if fall has finally arrived. Not that the 40 degree weather, whipping winds, and misty mornings had anything to do with the impending Autumn.
The orchard was picturesque in its beauty, wonderfully clad in glowing reds and oranges of changing leaves. Smelling of fresh apples, and newly plucked pumpkin. I am in heaven there. That is until I hear the sounds of thousands of wild children screaming from the play area with no parental supervision...But that is neither here, nor there.

Aiden spent the time enjoying the views from the comfort of his stroller. Probably the safest place for him with the horde of children begging to touch the baby!
Each year I take Sarah's picture by this wall of one of the buildings, and each year I am amazed at how much she grows. Time flies so quickly....

And each year Sarah insists on riding the pony. Because, of course, we do not have three of them in our backyard that she could ride at any time. Noooo - we would much rather pay money to ride for ten minutes in a circle! She is pretty cute up there though, and I probably would not be able to take her picture were I leading Izzy around the yard.

And each year we pick up a souvenir. This year it was a stuffed dear, which she has appropriately named "Deary".


Rachel said...

Very cute. I'm looking forward to your MOPS presentation!

Jessica said...

Such a pretty little girl, you have :) And of course Aiden is quite handsome as well!