Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Baked Goods

A relentless baker, I am. Suddenly I find I may even have a problem. Seldom does a day go by around here when I do not feel the compulsion to bake, much to the delight of my husband and eldest child.
So, here we are again...baking...Aiden and I... He, of course, shoved into the Bumbo on the counter, watching my every move. I am sure that by the time he is three years of age he will be able to recite the ingredients for several recipes by heart. Mainly my chocolate chip cookies and rum cake.

This is my favorite part - the chocolate chip batter. It is amazing that cookie ever come of this, I would just assume eat the batter instead.

Ready to go.

mmmm....Those look pretty good Mom...If I could only get my hands on them!

An into the freezer they go, along with the thousand other baked goods hiding out in there waiting to be devoured. I think I am running out of room.

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Rife Wife said...

Love reading your baking posts!!! We, too, like to bake.