Monday, October 13, 2008

Off and Running

Well, it is official. Harvest is in full swing around these parts. Of course I aways know this day is coming. It is like a ticking time bomb from the time that the Farmer finishes planting and spraying to the time the crops are ready to be brought in. In this case, they did not finish spraying until late July (and maybe a little into August even) and already it is time to say goodbye to him once more. I know, I know - they are starting about two weeks later than usual years, but it still seems to have gone by way too fast.
So here I sit, abandoned for a new girl. A five-ton green beauty that will now take all my husband's doting. They call us the Farming Widows. I have to remember - it is always better than having a husband who sits in a bar all night or hangs out with the guys non-stop. I think I can live with this for a couple months....

My view of the field across the road from home.
Hey- wait a minute - that is not the Farmer up there - It is the Mini-Farmer! Boy can she run a combine!
This is my job. I get to pull these massive bean platforms around and follow the Farmer wherever he goes...I think I do that last part anyway. What can I say - you get a great view as a follower!

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Rife Wife said...

Oh harvest...i'm sure you dread it like I dread a TDY for the husband...I wish I was there though, I always enjoy taking a ride in the combine during this season!